Water Dosage Charts

SprinkleRite® Water Testing & Dosage Charts

If you’re planning to use the SprinkleRite® System to prevent rust stains, you will be adding NoRust® to your tank system. NoRust reacts with the iron in your water to neutralize it and prevent further rust stains.

To ensure you are adding the proper amount of NoRust®, please mail us a sample of your well water in the 2oz bottle enclosed with your SprinkleRite® Tank System. Upon receipt of the sample, we will measure the iron content and advise you by e-mail how much NoRust® to add to your tank.

Dosage Chart for Tank System

Dosage Chart

Rust Prevention - How Much NoRust® to Use

Use the dosage table below to determine the proper amount of NoRust® or NoRust® Concentrate to add to the system tank. To read the chart, use the following steps:

  1. Determine the iron content in your water (measured in parts per million)
  2. Determine the flow rate or horsepower of your pump
  3. Select the PPM of the iron that your well water contains  and go down that column to the corresponding row for flow/pump size to determine correct amount of NoRust® or NoRust® Concentrate to put in the tank. See example below chart for further information. NOTE: 1 gallon of NoRust® Concentrate equals six gallons of NoRust®

Fertilizing – How Much VerdaGro® to Use

For every 2,000 square feet of lawn, add a gallon of VerdaGro® sprinkler-dispensed lawn fertilizer. Fill the rest of the tank with water. To make refills easy, write the amount of VerdaGro® required on the sticker found inside the cover of the tank system.

To Use NoRust® and VerdaGro® Together

Add the proper amounts of both products as determined above, one after the other, and then fill the rest of the tank with water.

Operating The System

Operating the System

How often does system need to be refilled?

A properly set system uses ½ gallon of solution per hour and will last for 72 hours of sprinkler operation. The amount of time between tank refills will depend upon the number of days per week you water your lawn and the total number of minutes your sprinkler system runs. For example, if the system is used 90 minutes (1 ½ hours) per day, three days per week, then a full tank will last approximately 16 weeks before needing to be refilled. Use the chart below to determine how often your system will need to be refilled.